Sunday, July 5, 2009

Ran up to Sunrise Peak - It's getting HOT!

My goodness... getting up at 6:30 won't cut it any more. It was already about 90 degrees and I hadn't even left the house. Got 10 minutes in and my camelback decides to separate itself from the drinkin' tube. Result: at least half my water ended up on the backs of my legs... Didn't want to go home and start over so just went to the top of Sunrise Peak and back - approx 1 hr 15 minutes... Felt like crap today, but that's part of ~getting~ into shape! Hey, at least the views were great!


  1. I run awful in the heat. I would need to find a different sport if I lived out there!

  2. Okay, so nearly a year late on replying - ha! I think I've learned to tweak my settings finally! Yeah, it get super hot here in the Summers (and it's almost here again). You'd be surprised how after a few weeks of running in 100-110 deg heat you actually get used to it. You can't hammer anything more than a short run unless you do it at 4:00 a.m., but I'm alive after 5 or 6 Summers here. :)