Thursday, April 29, 2010

It Is Time. Time for that "2 Nights Before" Solid Night of Rest

Tomorrow we head to the Grand Caynon.  Seriously, why do I keep doing this to myself?  Here's how Sunday morning will play out (the day after the big run):  Try to stand up from bed - I can't.  Well, I can, but I need to stablize myself with the edge of the bed and the nightstand.  Thinking about making a trip a good 14-16 feet to the toilet (that is, if I can manage to pee yet!).   Hobble over there, hobble back to some horizontal surface to sit on - but not too low though. I won't be able to get back up.  Pop some sort of anti-inflammatory (or tranquilizer) and see if I can loosen up a bit.  I can't.  

Who's up for breakfast?  I am!, if I can do the penguin waddle to some sort of vehicle, then wedge myself into it - and please park as close as possible to the cafeteria - I'm gonna do approx 45 minute mile pace.  Yes.  45.  I hurt.

After eating, back in the car, go look at the S Rim view again. Head home.  5 days later, my limping is almost unnoticeable.  Awesome.  Let's do it again!  :-)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

10 More Days 'Til the Grand Canyon

Only 10 more days til the Grand Canyon!  I'm gettin' a little antsy, a little excited, and admittedly a little nervous (even though I've done this 4 times before...).  I know the certain pain and suffering will be well worth the experience - it always is!

This trip will be a little different than many previous ones - the largest group we had in the past was 9 (other than that, it was usually just 2-3 of us).   Oh, and thanks to Matt B for the photo I  <----(over there) from way up the N. Rim.  Anywho...this trip, it's rumored we could have quite a few more doing everything from Rim to Phantom Ranch and back to the full R2R2r.  Can't wait!!!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Help the Arizona Trail Win a $50,000 Grant for Outdoors Projects!

From:  Arizona Trail Association  (GO VOTE!!)

Congratulations to the Redwood Creek Wine Greater Outdoors Project Top 10 Finalists! One of these organizations will be awarded a $50,000 grant to fund a project that shares Redwood Creek's commitment to preserving, protecting and providing access to the great outdoors.      .Vote for This Organization

The Arizona National Scenic Trail (AZT) is a continuous 800-mile path across Arizona from Mexico to Utah. The AZT offers hikers, mountain bikers, equestrians and outdoor aficionados a unique opportunity to enjoy scenic Arizona.
The Arizona Trail Association is ready to construct a new 11-mile trail in the lush, central Arizona Sonoran desert to replace ten miles that are now on a rocky, eroded road. The new sustainably constructed trail will follow a ridgeline that offers sweeping mountain range and desert valley views.
A more scenic and enduring trail creates a more attractive destination and will entice a greater number of trail enthusiasts to several nearby rural communities. The businesses in these gateway communities can benefit economically, providing trail users and visitors with food, supplies and services.
Mind, body, soul and pocketbook, good trails are good for everyone. Help make this one great!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Managed a nearly 5 hour run on Saturday

After a "bad, much-NOT-needed" 3 week layoff from any running whatsoever (a move, an injury, and getting a very nasty cold...) I finally got my shoes back on and out on the trails again.  I'll just call it "tapering" ha!!

After 3 or 4 easy runs of 20 to 45 minutes, I determined the pain in my lower calf/upper achillies is not getting worse so why not go on a "pretty big one" and test it out.  By big, I mean a nearly 5 hour run (with a little hiking sprinkled in on the super steep stuff).

MapMyRun - Lost Dog Wash - To Paradise Trail to Windgate and Tom's Thumbs Trail and BACK.

Ran from the Lost Dog Wash Trailhead at 124th and Via Linda (it's actually Cactus Rd at this point), up over to the Taliesen Overlook, along the back edge of McDowell Mountain Ranch (also the ~front~ edge of the McDowell Mountains - gee! imagine that!).  Then over to the trails at the new Gateway Access area near Bell and Thompson Peak (just next to DC Ranch).  From there, up the Gateway Saddle to the Tom's Thumb Trail, and to the top of Tom's Thumb (well, not the last 50' or so UP the rock - I'd get hurt).  

After a nearly 3 hour jaunt UP it was time for the 12-ish mile journey back down, and over to where I started.  Had to detour to the drinking fountains at the nearby trailhead before the last 6 or so, but after fueling up and taking it really easy back to the car, I was satisfied that if nearly 5 hours wouldn't hurt my leg any further, then another 10 hours on top of that in the Grand Canyon likely wouldn't either.  Hope my rim to rim to rim trail-mates don't mind me living on the edge and praying I don't break down with 24 miles to go.  If they have to carry me, at least I've lost a few pounds the last few months. ;-)

Friday, April 9, 2010

Grand Canyon - Rim to Rim to Rim

Less than a month to go before "Rim to Rim to Rim" in the Grand Canyon. While I've been battling a pesky achillies issues and being sick as a dog for a couple weeks, I'm still set to tackle this thing (and enjoy it!).

People often ask me "What do you bring?" on a 48 mile adventure such as this - so I compiled a list of "stuff." It can certainly vary from list to list - but this is mine:

1. Good Shoes! (That are NOT brand new.)
2. H20 resistant windbreaker for morning hours and/or rain/snow/wind.
3. HEADLAMP w/ fresh batteries (and 2 extra batteries)
4. Copy of a MAP w/ distances- I know these main trails like an old Ranger, but it's good to have anyway.
5. Extra pair of socks
6. Camelback / Some Water-carrying Device (1.5L-2Liter MINIMUM) (Don't think 1 or 2 water bottles total is sufficient - it's NOT! PERIOD. )
7. Succeed Caps (a.k.a. S-Caps (sodium)) - Since using them I've NEVER had a leg cramp. No joking.
8. Perpetuem powder (enough for 18 hours of nourishment if needed) & extra bottle to mix it in.
9. Gu & Powerbars, etc (12-15 total)
10. Heed (powder)
11. Beef Jerky, salty crackers, McDouble, leftover pizza, whatever might sound good
12. Sunscreen
13. Water treatment tablets (in case of a H2O main break)
14. Athletic tape / band aids / pocketknife / (krazy glue? LOL)
15. Camera / Video Camera
16. Hiking poles (collapsible) great for steep uphills in hiking mode [laugh at me now, but just wait. ;-)~ ]
17. A good attitude & willingness to help anyone in distress: Backpacker Magazine ranked the Grand Canyon (specifically Bright Angel Trail) as one of the "TOP 10 Most Dangerous Hikes in America" BUT WE WILL ALL CARRY PLENTY OF WATER / ELECTROLYTES and will do just fine!!
18. Don't let #17 scare you because YOU WILL CARRY (AND CONSUME) ENOUGH WATER (& electrolytes!). I've done R2R2R 4 times, and one R2R w/o anything more than some bad cramps the first couple times...finally got that issue resolved - heh. Respect the elements, listen to your body, and you'll have an INCREDIBLE experience.
19. HAVE FUN!!!
20. Post pictures and videos when we're done!!
21. Tell friends and co-workers why you can barely move your legs the following week - confirming that what Ernie in the Accounting Dept said: "you are indeed, totally crazy."