Tuesday, April 20, 2010

10 More Days 'Til the Grand Canyon

Only 10 more days til the Grand Canyon!  I'm gettin' a little antsy, a little excited, and admittedly a little nervous (even though I've done this 4 times before...).  I know the certain pain and suffering will be well worth the experience - it always is!

This trip will be a little different than many previous ones - the largest group we had in the past was 9 (other than that, it was usually just 2-3 of us).   Oh, and thanks to Matt B for the photo I  <----(over there) from way up the N. Rim.  Anywho...this trip, it's rumored we could have quite a few more doing everything from Rim to Phantom Ranch and back to the full R2R2r.  Can't wait!!!

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