Friday, April 9, 2010

Grand Canyon - Rim to Rim to Rim

Less than a month to go before "Rim to Rim to Rim" in the Grand Canyon. While I've been battling a pesky achillies issues and being sick as a dog for a couple weeks, I'm still set to tackle this thing (and enjoy it!).

People often ask me "What do you bring?" on a 48 mile adventure such as this - so I compiled a list of "stuff." It can certainly vary from list to list - but this is mine:

1. Good Shoes! (That are NOT brand new.)
2. H20 resistant windbreaker for morning hours and/or rain/snow/wind.
3. HEADLAMP w/ fresh batteries (and 2 extra batteries)
4. Copy of a MAP w/ distances- I know these main trails like an old Ranger, but it's good to have anyway.
5. Extra pair of socks
6. Camelback / Some Water-carrying Device (1.5L-2Liter MINIMUM) (Don't think 1 or 2 water bottles total is sufficient - it's NOT! PERIOD. )
7. Succeed Caps (a.k.a. S-Caps (sodium)) - Since using them I've NEVER had a leg cramp. No joking.
8. Perpetuem powder (enough for 18 hours of nourishment if needed) & extra bottle to mix it in.
9. Gu & Powerbars, etc (12-15 total)
10. Heed (powder)
11. Beef Jerky, salty crackers, McDouble, leftover pizza, whatever might sound good
12. Sunscreen
13. Water treatment tablets (in case of a H2O main break)
14. Athletic tape / band aids / pocketknife / (krazy glue? LOL)
15. Camera / Video Camera
16. Hiking poles (collapsible) great for steep uphills in hiking mode [laugh at me now, but just wait. ;-)~ ]
17. A good attitude & willingness to help anyone in distress: Backpacker Magazine ranked the Grand Canyon (specifically Bright Angel Trail) as one of the "TOP 10 Most Dangerous Hikes in America" BUT WE WILL ALL CARRY PLENTY OF WATER / ELECTROLYTES and will do just fine!!
18. Don't let #17 scare you because YOU WILL CARRY (AND CONSUME) ENOUGH WATER (& electrolytes!). I've done R2R2R 4 times, and one R2R w/o anything more than some bad cramps the first couple times...finally got that issue resolved - heh. Respect the elements, listen to your body, and you'll have an INCREDIBLE experience.
19. HAVE FUN!!!
20. Post pictures and videos when we're done!!
21. Tell friends and co-workers why you can barely move your legs the following week - confirming that what Ernie in the Accounting Dept said: "you are indeed, totally crazy."

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