Thursday, May 20, 2010

Endurance Planet - Rim to Rim to Rim Podcast

After the last Grand Canyon trip I was lucky enough to be connected with Kevin Patrick, the guy who runs Endurance Planet for an interview about running the Rim to Rim to Rim (Thank you, Shannon for pointing him my way!). I think I was more nervous about the call than completing the actual adventure.  ;-)

It can be found here--->:  Endurance Planet FB Link or directly on the EP site here:  Was fun to share the pleasure and pain (mostly the pleasure!)

Running the Grand Canyon

There are certain runs that you tell yourself you absolutely have to do sometime. There’s the Boston Marathon, there’s Big Sur, and then there’s the Grand Canyon rim to rim to rim. Today on Endurance Planet we hear from veteran runner John Schultz of Scottsdale, Arizona who is quite familiar with running the Grand Canyon—in fact, he just recently returned from his latest rim to rim to rim. Schultz tells us about the run and what makes it unique.


  1. awesome podcast interview!!! Way cool John:)

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed the interview. The mountain goats especially! The podcast in itself, I must say is very motivating. I am not at the point of any where near doing something like the r2r2r but will keep my sights open in the future. Thanks for sharing the information on training, prep, etc.

  3. Thank you both! What's funny is 5 or 6 years ago I'd never even BEEN to the Grand Canyon or heard of this silly thing called "rim to rim to rim." A couple fellow local running club members/friends had mentioned it to me and after hammering/suffering through my first one I was totally hooked! Also, since it's not an organized event you can run hard, run easy, hike/run, or just hike - regardless of how you do it, it's always an EPIC day. (Assuming you don't bonk too hard!) :-)

  4. I'll agree with that comment John! I had never ever been to the Grand Canyon until this month and what a way to see it- from the inside out pretty much. I was suffering coming out of it but not even 8hrs passed before I admitted I would totally do it again. By now I have had runners amnesia and have totally forgotten the pain (ok it's a dim memory of discomfort right now).